420-Inspired Trips to Take Once Weed is Legal Across Canada

By Natalia Kvitek,

While you agonize over the question of weed legalization in Canada, we’re already dreaming up our next magical holiday. If you enjoy partaking in cannabis, from edibles to bongs or a good old-fashioned joint, imagine what kind of dimension the comfort of legality will add to your next trip.

When will weed be legal across Canada?

At the time of publishing, the federal government will wait eight to twelve weeks from when the Senate approves Bill C-45 before the ban is lifted. Though most were hoping for legal marijuana in time for Canada Day, most politicians are eyeing “late summer” — August or September 2018.


Where to buy weed in Canada?

The answer is still erring on the side of it would be illegal for us to share that info, but have patience! The dispensaries are operating within the bounds of medical marijuana at the moment and will be flinging those doors wide open to recreational clientele as soon as Governor General Julie Payette signs those papers.

We’ve picked five of the Best Cities in which to smoke up– and included some handy picks for where to enjoy the best cultural activities, the best parks, the best place to exploit your munchies to the max and finally where to crash out– just take note that none of these hotels officially endorse pot, nor are you allowed to smoke in your room.



Vancouver strain of choice: Girl Scout Cookies

Vancouver legal cannabis

Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash.

Best of Culture: You’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor with a visit to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. Boasting a huge collection of First Nations art from the Northwest Coast, the history of the First Nations people is told through beautiful Totem poles, ceremonial masks and many other far-out artifacts.

Best Park: The winding steep slope of Choklit Park is composed of stairs and terraces that overlook Granville Island on the site of a former chocolate factory. The park might be on the small size, but the view merits sparking one up.  

Best of Munchies: MeeT has three locations: Main, Gastown, Yaletown. An order of not-cho’ average nacho fries with house-made cheezy queso sauce, pickled jalapeño peppers and pico de gallo with a  double bacon double cheez burger and a finish of cookies & cream should sort you out for the night. MeeT is the kind of munchie food that brings us back to our best teenage late-night memories. Did we mention it’s vegan?

Best Vancouver Stay: The Burrard 

When will weed be legal in Canada The Burrard Vancouver Hotel guest Suite

Photos from trivago.

Taking the motel to the next level, The Burrard is housed in an old motorhome from the 50’s and has been refurbished and outfitted as the perfect Vancouver stoner stay. The pet-friendly hotel is built around a lush green courtyard with plenty of lounge seats and ping pong tables begging for a post-smoke ping pong showdown. Guest can use the free cruiser bike rentals to chase the feeling of wind whipping through your hair. 

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The Burrard urban jungle hotel Vancouver



Kelowna strain of choice: Pink Kush

When will weed be legal in Canada? Kelowna weed guide

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash.

Best of culture:  Wander through the free Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens and Gallery featuring 350 art pieces from Dutch-Canadian artist Geert Maas. It’s one of the biggest collections of bronze sculptures in Canada and is the perfect place to just zone out as your eyes run over the curves and angles — straight into wondering about the deeper meaning of life.

Best Park: Stoners love a nature program: live an episode of Planet Earth with a hike to Christie’s Falls. You’ll be rewarded at the end of your journey with a rope swing that shoots you straight into the Falls. If you’re sticking around closer to town, take note that Kelowna beaches and parks are smoke-free– so bring the vape.

Best of munchies: Wake and bake and head to Soul de Cuba Cafe. With every bite making your tastebuds bust out a move thanks to the hearty, authentic cuisine. The Cuban-style Benedict with two poached eggs, melt in your mouth Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), homemade Hollandaise and hash browns get 11/10. If you favour sweet over or after your savoury, The Jammery has all-you-can-eat waffles (you read that right) piled high with a variety of sauces and whipped cream!

Best Kelowna Stay: Hotel Zed 

Hotel Zed Kelowna lobby record player

Photos from trivago.

You’ll be buzzing about the extra special amenities at the Hotel Zed in Kelowna. There are three rooftop patios with views of the lake and a fire pit that will spin you right back to the puff-puff-pass routine of cottage summers as a teenager. In fact, the whole place will bring you right back–colouring books, board games and comic books will keep you giggling for hours. Plus, you can borrow roller skates or a bike and go for a cruise around Kelowna City Park across the street.

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Kelowna hotel Zed 420 friendly



Halifax strain of choice: White Cheese

marijuana tourism Halifax Nova Scotia

Photo by Christian Allard on Unsplash.

Best of Culture: Visit the tiny painted home of Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, also home to thousands of other artworks from Canadian artists new and old. With plenty of benches to take a breather and a range of art mediums on display, the gallery is the chillest way to get out of that Atlantic wind.

Best Park: Tucked away off the quiet end of Jubilee Road, the Saint Mary’s Boat Club has a great view of the Northwest Arm and salty air that pairs well with a blunt. There are plenty of trees to lean back against and grass to stretch out on. You might run into the odd dog walker, but who doesn’t enjoy giving a few pats out to a friendly doggo whilst stoned?

Best of munchies: The Halifax donair is renowned worldwide and while other cities Calgary and Toronto have even started offering Halifax-style donairs in some joints, there ain’t nothing like the real thing baby! The stoner snack of your lifetime awaits at the award-winning King of Donair, the beloved choice of locals for decades. You’ll emerge feeling both victorious and sticky, thanks to the inevitable drip of the mysterious white donair sauce.

Best Halifax Stay: The Hollis Halifax  

The Hollis Halifax Hotel pool downtown

Live the high life at the all-suites The Hollis Halifax. Sweet–talk your way into an ocean view suite and you can spot the seals in the harbour. The super-centrally located hotel is a stroll away from the hip enclave that is the North End of Halifax or the historic waterfront. There’s no shortage of bars, boutiques and restaurants nearby but sprawling out on your Suite’s couch while hurtling through a black hole of YouTube videos thanks to free WiFi, and chomping down on a donair is highly encouraged.

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The Hollis Halifax Downtown hotel guest suite

In the mood to get out of town? Take a weekend trip from Halifax!



Toronto strain of choice: OG Kush

when will weed be legal in Canada? High Park Toronto

Photo by Csaba Pap on Unsplash.

Best of CultureOpen your eyes again to childish wonder at the ROM. You’ll get plenty of thrills staring and thinking about the ancient mummies, dazzling rocks, dinosaurs and everything else which makes our planet awesome.

Best Park: With many open spaces vying for the hearts of stoners, Toronto has its fair share of best park award winners. We’ll go ahead and just pick our favourite here– we’re talking cherry blossoms, a mini-zoo, a lakefront, dog park, and the largest green space in Toronto– High Park. It’s an obvious choice, no?

Best of Munchies: Eva’s Original Chimneys were made for munchies. These fresh Hungarian pastry breads are baked into a hollow cylinder (crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the outside) and stuffed with anything from a hot dog to Nutella, S’mores, Thai mango sticky rice, and the list goes on and on. This has got to be the best-textured food one can eat after a J.

If you feel like taking public transit because the journey is half the fun when you’re high, the massive Pacific Mall in Markham beckons with an amazing food court full of spicy hot pots, sushi, fried chicken and egg waffle sandwiches.

Best Toronto Stay: The Gladstone Hotel 

Gladstone Hotel Toronto boutique hotel

Sandwiched between buzzy neighbourhoods West Queen West and Parkdale, The Gladstone Hotel is an inspiring stay. Behind each of the 37 guest room doors lays a uniquely decorated room, which is half the fun of staying. Other highlights include super high-thread-count sheets for extra softness and amazing food and drink offerings ready to serve you up breakfast, lunch, dinner,  brunch and a late night menu all of its own that will call you down when the munchies sets in.

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boutique hotel Toronto Gladstone hotel guest rooms



Montreal strain of choice: M39

When will weed be legal in Canada? Montreal 420 trip

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.

Best of Culture: What better way to enjoy your heightened stoner senses than a trip to marvel at Mother Nature at the Montreal Biodome. Stroll through four ecosystems and try to spot as many of the 220 different species of animals including thousands of birds and fish, lynx and the ultimate stoner mascots, smiley sloths and chill capybaras.

Best Park: Parc du Mont-Royal is a pretty “duh” choice, but considering the vast amount of space to spread out, whether you are looking for views, a quiet path or a patch of grass to enjoy your spliff, it’s a solid choice. Come Sunday, feel the beat of the collective Tam-Tams drum circle that congregates around the George-Étienne Cartier Monument.

Best of munchies: There’s no getting around it, the best munchies in Montreal have got to be poutine. Crispy fries with a layer of the squeakiest cheese curds melting into foot long stretches that wrap 1000 times around a single fry and doused in gravy– everyone has their spot and we won’t blame you if you head to wherever is closest in your vicinity but to throw out a couple of names:  greasy dive Restaurant A.A., corner snack bar Patati Patata and, of course, La Banquise if patience is your middle name (the lines are usually massive).

Montreal Best Stay: Hotel 10 

When will weed be legal in Canada Hotel 10 Montreal

Located in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district in a renovated Beaux-Arts townhouse, Hotel 10 is only two blocks from Saint-Laurent metro station. The rooms are plush and come with free WiFi, Nespresso machines and fancy bathrooms with glass showers. If you splurge on a suite, you get the added bonus of floor-to-ceiling windows with a sick view of the city.

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Hotel 10 Montreal Mile End guest suite      

Which city are you most looking forward to experiencing in a post-joint haze?

All hotel photos from trivago.